15 Things You’ll Want to Know Before You Visit Sayulita

If you’ve never visited Sayulita, you should come. Even for a day trip. Sayulita is a bustling small town of approximately 5,000 inhabitants and is a 1.5 hour cheap bus ride from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. You may have heard that it’s a sleepy surfer town but, it is not sleepy at all. The town is lively, the streets are busy, and the people are friendly. After 3 weeks of being in Sayulita, I should probably let you in on a few things to expect before you get here. Not necessarily bad, just informative. The following are 15 things you should know about Sayulita that could make for a more comfortable and less stressful trip.

If you’re the type who likes to be surprised when you get somewhere new, this probably isn’t the article for you, but please continue reading!

Things About Sayulita To Know Before You Go

1. Downtown can get loud at night. If your accommodations are downtown, be prepared with the noise. As fun and exciting as it is, it’s not so fun when you’re trying to sleep.

2. Wash Your Fruits and Veggies. If you’re going to make food at home, make sure you wash your fruits and veggies in a solution called Microdyn which can be found in nearly all of the grocery stores.

Ingredients for Guacamole

3. Roads are rough, sidewalks are a hit and miss, and back roads can get quite dusty – makes for an adventurous walk home, watch your step

4. Sayulita is not as affordable as it used to be. With the increased number of tourists, things are getting more expensive but no insanely. One ex-pat we met mentioned that Sayulita is the Puerto Vallarta of the 70’s right now.

5. You don’t have to pack a lot of clothes. You will probably find yourself just wearing your bathing suit with a light dress or shorts all day…then do the same thing over again the next day!

6. No makeup required. It’s pretty warm here. Makeup will just melt off. All you need is sunscreen! Maybe some lipstick at night…but that’s it!

7. Banking is unreliable. ATM’s run out of money often and are randomly refilled. With increased ATM fraud, the safest place to get money in my opinion is the Intercam Banco which is located on the main road right before you enter the town and is right across the police station.

8. Air Conditioning and/or a fan is necessary. When choosing a place to stay, whether you use Airbnb or Booking.com, make sure there is A/C and or a fan. I salute those who can go without it. Not on Airbnb yet? Sign up with my link and get $62 off your first trip.

9. There are roosters and dogs almost everywhere. Bring ear plugs if you don’t think you can handle the noiseThe dogs here are the cutest and all very friendly.

Our Neighbors for 4 weeks

10. There are a lot of flies.

11. Learn your basic Spanish. Many locals here do not speak English.

12. Mexico time – it’s a thing. Many shops/stores seem to open whenever…including 2 of my favorite taco stands. Sometimes they’re open half an hour late or not at all. I guess it make’s life kind of fun here if you like that sort of game…

13. Water quality is much better, but not safe to drink. Not too long ago the water situation in Sayulita was not the greatest. People were getting sick, the water smelled and it was overall dirty. Now with the new sewage facility and the help from the community to clean up, the water is looking beautiful and is safe to swim in – just don’t drink it.

14. There is a lot of waste. If you’re an environmentalist, seeing the amount of waste will break your heart. Do your part and bring a water bottle and reusable bag. Although Eco Sayulita is working hard to make Sayulita into a model ‘green community’ for Mexico, we all need to do our part. Check out https://www.sayulitalife.com/eco-sayulita for more information.

15. Everything is within walking distance. If walking isn’t your jam, there are many places you can rent golf carts to explore the town a bit faster!

My Time in Sayulita, So Far

Please don’t let the above list scare you away from visiting Sayulita. There is so much going on here and it is city full of colour and life! If anything, I hope it has brought some ease to know what to expect. Being thrown off guard when on vacation can suck but you shouldn’t let this stop you from having a good time.

We have been here for 3 weeks now and we can see why so many people love it here. We have a pretty good balanced routine of working and relaxing/going out and think we have found our groove.

Visiting San Pancho – 3o min taxi ride north of Sayulita

Mitch loves it here and after day 1, could see himself living here. I am not entirely convinced myself because there are so many loose ends to tie up at home and I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving until it was all done. Not to say it can’t be done, it’s just exhausting to think about.

The great thing about Sayulita is that there are a lot of direct and fairly inexpensive flights from our hometown which makes people visiting us and us going back home easier! Plus, same time zone!

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  • Blaujobben says:

    Great post! I would add a few more..

    -Take the bus from PV. It’s 50 pesos, takes about an hour, is a skywalk away from the airport, and is the best intro to Mexico once you arrive.

    -Eat all the street food! Soo good! ..and ridiculously cheap!

    -Buy souvenirs at the Hippy Market, preferably at closing (before dusk), not at the beach or main square. Don’t be afraid to haggle!

    -The main beach is great but for a less busy beach and better swim, go to Playa del Muerte about 10 mins walk southwest of the main beach, past the cemetery. Another beautiful beach that you might even get to yourself is called Pescalita, and is a short walk away.

    -Oxxo near the bus depot closes early! Also around dusk it seems.

    -Day trip to San Pancho, which is a smaller version of Sayulita. It has a great beach club, Tierra/Patron, that is cheapish for a day pass and is where the view and the pool are amazing!

    In general, Sayulita is safe and the locals are super friendly! Have fun! Can’t wait to visit again!

    • NomadGirlfriend says:

      this will be in my ‘things to do while visiting Sayulita’ post! gotta stretch out the posts! ahhaha

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