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two worlds merge

You may be wondering, ‘is it really that difficult to quit your job and figure things out along the way?’. That’s a dumb question in my opinion. Of course it’s difficult. Why do you think I haven’t fully committed to that yet!?! I am not a risk taker when it comes to money. Bumblebae and […]

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the big idea.

If you don’t know me, which I’m sure the majority of you don’t, I am chaos. My thoughts, ideas, personality, and character are chaotic. My partner can attest to that. I’ve been back to school 3 times earning a degree, a diploma, and a certificate all for different fields in the healthcare. I randomly was […]

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Out of the rat race…sort of.

As of July 19th 2019, I did the unthinkable. That’s a lie. I did something I never thought I would do though. I quit my full term, hospital job that paid well, had benefits, 5 weeks of vacation, pension and was close to the top for senority. That’s a partial lie. The truth, I did […]

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