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Kicking It Old School S.P.U.G. Style

It’s the holiday season and we all know what that means: mass amounts of spending on useless gifts.  If you’re trying to incorporate a minimalist mindset to your personal life, it’s likely that it will translate further when thinking about gift giving. This may be an over-exaggeration but you can’t tell me that you’re not […]

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Blog Status Update

I started this blog almost 5 months ago not knowing anything. Everything, was foreign to me. This blog was and is no easy task. If you have ever googled how to make a blog, apparently it is the easiest thing. If all you want to do is post your thoughts and have your family read […]

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Tips on How to Stay Fit While Travelling

Whether you are travelling for work or for fun, it is important to maintain an active lifestyle to stay fit and productive. It’s one of the hardest things to keep up with but also one of the most important. When travelling, you’re either working tons and feel like you have no time for leisure or […]

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