6 Types of Minimalists

Minimalism is not a new concept. In fact, it’s mainstream and trending. This movement has spurred the popularity of tiny homes, Netflix shows and movies, and the purchases of books to help people with their over-cluttered lives. Closets have been purged, household items have been donated, possessions have been traded, and unopened mail have been recycled. But, there are many different ways to practice the basics of minimalism as there are different types of minimalists.

In a world motivated by consumerism and convenience, people are realizing that their minds are being cluttered with unnecessary things that are affecting their lives and they are seeking change.

Contrary to popular belief, minimalism is not just about getting rid of ‘stuff. Minimalism is based on a lifestyle of having less and valuing yourself over material things. In addition to living life with less, minimalism is also about clearing our mental space, decreasing financial burdens, and lessening social media distractions. Hopefully I can simplify things for you.

Benefits of being a Minimalist

Becoming minimalist can have major benefits:

  • happier and less stressed
  • closer and connected relationships
  • more spent on experiences (can be free) rather than possessions
  • gets rid of clutter that adds no value to your life
  • free from financial worry
  • more environmentally friendly
  • more time
  • clarity of mind
  • greater purpose
  • extra money
  • better health, and so on.

Even with all of the benefits, not everyone is on board with the minimalist mindset. Great news, there are at least 6 different types of minimalists and you probably fall under one of them (unless you’re a hoarder).

Aesthetic Minimalists

It’s not about owning less necessarily, it’s about having less on display. Clean lines and white walls is where its at. Clean, crisp, refreshing spaces declutters and clears the mind.

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Essential Minimalists

Obsession over using and having less to last a week or so is at the forefront. Emphasising quality over quantity is key and what you want vs. what you actually need. With the ultimate basics you do end up with are more valuable and worthwhile.

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Experiential Minimalists

Also known as the backpack minimalist, they can pack everything in one bag and leave at a moments notice. Collecting experiences is more important than the pursuit and collection of things.

They may like: a cooking class or …

Mindful Minimalists

Stripping away all the extra, unnecessary things brings joy and enlightenment. The focus is on purpose, intention and letting go of stress and guilt. The primary goal is to own things that bring joy and makes way for fresh energy thereby providing purpose in their day to day life. Megan Mccarty has a great post of how to become a more mindful minimalist. Check it out here.

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Sustainable Minimalists

Green living, reducing waste and living off the land is priority. Make do or do without is the motto. This type of minimalist favors DIY projects and being eco-friendly. Reducing their carbon footprint on the world, reducing dependence on consumption and harm to the environment is a lifestyle that these minimalists seek.

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Thrifty Minimalists

Due to a financial mindset, minimalist habits are easily adopted. Known to hold on to things, the underlying intentions of this type of minimalist are completely different. When you spend less you tend to have less. You will likely find these minimalists at the thrift shop or clothing swaps, refinishing their furniture or on trading sites.

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Do What You Want to Do

It’s entirely up to you whether you want to become a minimalist but, as a minimalist tiger mom I will probably steer you towards that direction. One of the great things about this lifestyle is that you can pick and choose to do what’s right for you. You don’t need to fall under one category, you can be a little bit of everything and hold different qualities of each of the above types of minimalists. Living by just a few simple minimalist philosophies can do wonders for your life. It’s an ongoing process that takes time and requires constant re-assessment of what you need and value.

Starts slow and make time. Do what you’re comfortable with see which type you connect with. Soon enough the momentum will pick up and you probably won’t be able to stop. You’ve got this.

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