A Domain Name = A Push in the Right Direction

The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but significance, and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning.

oprah winfrey

Last night, Bumblebae gave me a gift.

He got me a domain name. Or an address? Is it the same? Apparently you have to pay monthly to keep this domain address. Having a blog is costing me some change. Well, it’s costing Bumblebae some change since he’s paying for ‘this gift’.

nomadgirlfriend.com belongs to me now!! This is a little victory.

How exciting! I feel so ‘digital’. I just need to learn some new terminology.

Did I jump the gun? What if this name is a complete fail? What if people think of it as a joke? What if I end up not even writing about something completely different? I have so many ideas in my head that this is all quite the whirlwind.

Now what? What’s the next step? Am I blogging to little? Too slow? Do I need to add more photos? I definitely need more readership. I also don’t want to annoy those who subscribed to my blog and be bombarded with emails of updates.

I made a facebook page and now I need to make an IG for ‘nomadgirlfriend’. But whatever I post now may be boring since I am not quite on the ‘adventure’ yet.

My current adventure consists of the stresses and headaches and decisions I need to make before I leave. It’s not an adventure I’m enjoying but I know that it is moving me in the right direction. This place I am in now, is only temporary and I am making it better.

I’m sure people are thinking, ‘what a silly gift’. But, it is so much more. Sure it only took 5 minutes to create but, to me it was a grand gesture. It symbolized Bumblebaes belief in me. That I can make something of myself. The fact that he is excited about this, has me excited as well.

Having a domain name kind of makes me feel validated. This gift…a simple name, is actually a huge step forward. It’s a major push. I can’t ignore this movement. As silly as it may sound, knowing that Bumblebae is paying for this domain name is keeping me accountable.

It’s kind of like buying an expensive gym pass, prepaying for the entire year. You better damn well go to as many classes as possible and make use of every single machine because you paid for it. You want to get your monies worth. Am I right or am I right? (I did this very thing. I made sure to use the gyms showers, shampoo/conditioner, qtips, razors, hair ties, bobby pins, etc. Perhaps this just proves how cheap/economical/money savvy I am).

I won’t sit idle hoping for things to come my way; hoping that things will work out. I need to put the work in. I get that. But I still have hope that I will win the lottery.

I do not know where my gift will take me but I truly believe that, as Oprah puts it, it will take on a greater meaning than just a name.

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