A Pandemic Got You Stuck Indoors – Time to Declutter!

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This is a scary time to be walking the earth right now. We are in the midst of a pandemic and everyone is freaking out buying up toilet paper of all things.

I think there are a couple of positive things that have arisen from this scare: hand washing and cleanliness are being taken seriously and people are forced to stay at home and spend time with family.

I know, we shouldn’t joke about a pandemic. But, make no mistake I am totally capitalizing on this opportunity to write a post!

I know, it’s terrible that I am relating the two – a pandemic and decluttering. What on earth could they possibly have in common? Well, when you’re stuck at home/quarantined, there is no longer the excuse of not having enough time to declutter. There is no better time than the present to start doing things you’ve put on the back burner. Whether it be taking up a new hobby, cleaning, or DECLUTTERING, you now have the time!

Stuck at Home With No Where to Go

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So you’re not used to being stuck at home and not working? There is definitely a huge adjustment. You can spend the time binge watching Netflix OR you can make use of your valuable time.

Cleaning, purging, sorting doesn’t sound fun to most of the general population. This baffles me because I love it so much. I wish the entire world were on board with me. I’m sure decluttering is probably the last thing on peoples mind with the pandemic at the forefront but, if you’re stuck at home, what else is there to do?

It shouldn’t be. Cleaning and disinfecting is what people are probably doing. While doing so, could you not also toss a couple of items out? You know, kill two birds with one stone as they say. And as I keep saying, the less things you have in your house, the less there is to clean!

The time that you would have spent commuting to work, let’s say it takes you 30min each way, can now be spent purging the house. That’s one full hour of decluttering! Just imagine what could get accomplished in that amount of time.

Plus, if you’ve lost money in the stock market, you may find things around the house to sell to recoup the loss? I know, this is a touchy subject and I apologize but it’s the reality and option for some.

What To Do First

Ok, so you’re quarantined and I’ve made you start thinking about decluttering. Now what?

Even if you have the kids to look after, you can start with a small project and include them. Work your way up so you don’t overload yourself. Who knows when the quarantine can last. Also, start slow to get everyone into the mindset of such a project. Make it enjoyable if possible. Family time, whether you are cleaning or playing outside, is still family time! Maybe start with a shelf or dresser in their room.

With everyone stocking up on toilet paper and cleaning supplies, perhaps that would be the best area to start. If the laundry room area is where you keep all the cleaning supplies, start there. It’s time to toss out the old and gross sponges and towels and whatever else you have used to clean the house and start fresh. Do you have multiple mops because you’ve upgraded, toss out the old grimy ones. You bought a new one for a reason. No need to hoard the mops. Please.

While decluttering and cleaning the area, you’ll probably find cleaning products you forgot you had. This would be a great time to organize this area too. Once the area is tidy and organized, cleaning won’t be such a pain. You’ll know where everything is and you’ll feel good that the ‘cleaning room’ itself is clean. You won’t have an immediate headache walking into it! I’d probably keep the kids away from this area if there are toxic chemicals in the room. But, probably a great time to teach the kids how to do the laundry!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Note: While cleaning around my parents house, I found so many radom little hand-sanitizer bottles.

Now that these are sold out everywhere, you’re welcome mom and dad!

Next Up

Obviously, I can only suggest what to do. I think another great place to declutter and organize would be your tupperware drawer. You (and the kiddos) no longer have to pack a meal for work so what better and easy place to sort! This is a great place for kids to help out too! Take everyone out and make sure each bottom has a lid.

I went to my parents and sorted their tupperware area… I found a bucket of lids that fit over nothing. It was a huge waste of space. Because they accumulated so containers over the years…I got rid of all the warped and nasty ones. They still have a huge assortment but it’s now controllable and all fits into one area.

If Not That, Try This

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

If containers are too much for you, what about your water bottle or coffee mug collection. Seriously, how many do you think you need? Really think about that question. I’m sure the majority of bottles you have were free and I just wish that instead of these giveaways, companies or festivals would donate that money to a worthy cause..or at least give us the option. Not going to lie, I currently have 8 water bottles in my cabinet. Of those, 6 were free and 4 are used on a regular basis. Yup, even I have more to purge!

As for coffee mugs. I think we all have an issue with hoarding coffee mugs. They somehow just appear in our cupboards and next thing you know, you have 20. During this pandemic, you probably won’t be venturing out as much and more coffee will be drunk at home. I just counted and I have aprroximately 25 glasses/mugs. There are two of us that live in this household. If you clean your dishes on a regular basis, you definitely do not need this many. Keep the ones you love and donate the rest.

Having less kitchenware will force you to get into the habit of washing your dishes more regularly. Not a terrible thing. If you can sleep knowing there is a pile of dishes needing to be washed…wtf? Please look away from your phone for 10 minutes and clean them for the love of gawd!

Making the Best Out of Self Quarantining

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Sure, being ‘stuck’ at home can be boring and stifling. It sucks that many of us are losing out on pay. But we have to think about the positives. It’s going to be what you make of it. You can take the time to meditate, spend quality time with the family, take on new hobbies, or learn new skills (like organizing and decluttering tools). A bonus with decluttering is that you get a pretty good workout!

On the otherhand, you can pollute your mind with mindless binge watching and sulking on your couch. I really do hope you use the time to better yourself though!

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