Hi, my name is Cristine. I am the youngest of three. I was born and raised on the prairies of Canada. I love sushi, fried chicken and pizza. Honestly, I love all food. I also love the beach and travelling (this is pretty much what I wrote on my dating profile a few years ago…).

I love minimizing, de-cluttering, and organizing my house.  I am quite verbal telling other people to do the same because it feels so good afterwards.  I wasn’t always like this.  It started when I sold my house and had to pack up.  During the process, I realized how much stuff I had accumulated and I did not want to bring all the junk with me to my new place.  I also didn’t want to spend the time and energy to move it all.

Since then, my de-cluttering ways have gotten a little out of hand.  I often find myself scanning my home seeing what I can toss, trade, recycle, or donate.  I have this dream of living in a tiny home and if I ever do, I need to purge a lot more junk from the home.

I also love travelling.  A portion of this blog is about my life as the girlfriend of a digital nomad; about the challenges I am faced with trying to get out of my conventional, ordinary lifestyle and job; about me trying to figure out how to earn income using my computer; and about us becoming nomadic.

Is blogging for me? I don’t know yet. I guess we will all have to wait and see. So far, it is hard AF.

If you like what you read, we need to be friends if we aren’t already. If you don’t, you’ve wasted just a few minutes of your life existence learning a little more about me. My thoughts may be compelling, annoying, deep, repetitive, thought provoking, or for the most part random. So I wouldn’t be upset if you stopped reading but I hope it serves you well. Happy reading and God speed.

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