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Rise of the Decluttering Nation

I don’t like clutter. That’s putting it lightly. I despise clutter. That’s more like it. When I see clutter, my mind feels cluttered. I wasn’t always like this. It just…sort of gradually happened. Decluttering Out of Thin Air My decluttering ways didn’t really take complete form until I started dating Mitch. I’m not saying he’s […]

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My Month-long Visit to Sayulita

It’s been a little more than three weeks since I touched down in Mexico. I’ve done so much but at the same time, have done so little. I’m ready to get to my own bed and start checking off things on my to-do list to get ready for next years’ getaway! Friends… Every week we’ve […]

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Sayulita Food Tour – Top 10 Restaurants

Disclaimer – this is a list of restaurants, street vendors that I love. It’s all subjective though so don’t fault me if you disagree. Recommendations are welcome. Right from day 1 of being in Sayulita, I was immediately impressed with the food here. Every morning I woke up craving tacos or guacamole and I was […]

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We’ve Landed in Mexico, Now What

FYI – this isn’t much of a review of Sayulita but more of a recount of my first week in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta We arrived on a non-stop flight to Puerto Vallarta on New Year’s Eve. We spent one day in PV to explore what the city had to offer. From our Airbnb we walked […]

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Kicking It Old School S.P.U.G. Style

It’s the holiday season and we all know what that means: mass amounts of spending on useless gifts.  If you’re trying to incorporate a minimalist mindset to your personal life, it’s likely that it will translate further when thinking about gift giving. This may be an over-exaggeration but you can’t tell me that you’re not […]

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Blog Status Update

I started this blog almost 5 months ago not knowing anything. Everything, was foreign to me. This blog was and is no easy task. If you have ever googled how to make a blog, apparently it is the easiest thing. If all you want to do is post your thoughts and have your family read […]

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