Blogging, No More.

As many of you know, I have decreased my hours working at the hospital as a cardiology technologist. Why would I do such a thing if it pays well and has great benefits? Simple. I want to lead a different type of lifestyle. I want my future to involve more travel and freedom. So, I started blogging to ease myself into the digital world where my partner works.


Fully removing myself from the hospital where I’ve been for the past 13 years hasn’t happened…yet. I can’t seem to fully commit to the change. I’m greedy and want to have the best of both worlds which is why the transition has been so slow. The blogging has been slow as well. I try to write one post per week either about decluttering or travelling. If I’m not decluttering, I’m travelling. If I’m not travelling, I’m decluttering. Sounds weird but that’s how I work.

When I first started, I felt like I had so much to write about. I still have a long list of topics to write about but I’m just not as eager to get to them. In fact, I’ve been a day or to late at posting them. There is just other stuff I would rather do. And, it’s not like I don’t have enough time. I’ve just lost a lot of interest is all. Yup, my focus is shifting.

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New Work, More Work

A big thing that has changed lately is me spending around 2-4 hours per day working on managing Facebook and Instagram communities for 2 different businesses. As tedious as it may sound, I don’t mind it the least bit and I’m learning a number of things that can help me if I do try to pursue a job as a virtual assistant.

There are 5 or 6 new systems, apps, and programs that I am fooling around with. There is a large learning curve and it’s been slow but I am getting the hang of things. It can get quite frustrating having to search on YouTube for how-to videos but it’s gotta be done. Some things are coming easier than others but it’s really about regularly testing things and trying not to forget what was just learned. It’s funny how Mitch can learn these systems in probably an hour and get the hang of things where I would probably need a week to get used to it. This is what annoys me – how easy it is for others but so hard for me.

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The Future of the Blog

Between doing community management and teaching myself new systems, I’ve lost a lot of interest in blogging. The drive just isn’t there. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t seen a return on my efforts or perhaps I see this new venture as a better way of earning an income. I wish I had the drive to just pump out 4 posts and not have to think about it for a month.

Will I continue to blog you ask? I’m going to try to keep it up because while in Sayulita, I made a list of ideas to write about and I do want to see that through! It will no longer be my number one go to project but, I won’t forget it.

Writing soothes the soul, or so I’ve heard. Writing is a form of expression that I can put out where otherwise I might hold back.

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Hey there, I'm Cristine (aka Nomadgirlfriend). I want to quit my job so I can travel more. I just need to figure out the digital world so I can start making money to feed my wanderlust with my digital nomad partner. I welcome you to join my on this journey of self discovery and new adventures!

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