dreading going to work.

I’m at the point where the morning I wake up to go to work, I’m already dreading the day. Each step I take walking to work is heavy. Entering the doors of the facility pains me. Seeing some of the faces at work and hearing their voices is like nails on a chalkboard.

I suppose that’s a little extreme and I am exaggerating just a bit.

lovely view: curb couch

Maybe if I had a beautiful and safe walking route on my way to work, things would be a bit better. It would definitely beat seeing curb couches our shopping carts on the regular.

All the negativity at work and feeling unsafe walking to work is making me more excited thinking about this blog now and what to write next. Getting things in order to make this work better. It’s pretty crazy. I was so hesitant starting a blog.

[I signed up for an email account specific for this blog.  Shortly after I logged out, I forgot my password.  I had written it down but it wasn't working.  I think I am on perma-frozen account.  I can't even seem to answer the security questions correct to retrieve it.  I've made 2 more email accounts since then - did I mention how bad I am with computers, and apparently memory?]

I picked up a bunch of shifts but now I feel like getting rid of them.

Is it worth it to stay at a job you aren’t fond of at all or that makes you miserable? Does having seniority, pension, a great wage, and benefits make up for it all?

Hmmm…kind of sounds like it’s worth it. Trade the wealth and security for happiness.

Whatever happened to working at a place until you were retired. Sticking to one job. Being loyal to your employer? My dad didn’t like his job but he kept at it for over 30 years because it provided for his family.

But isn’t happiness worth more than all of this? Isn’t sanity worth more than this? If you’re happy, won’t your family benefit from that, no matter how much money you make? Why put yourself in a situation that you’re dying to get out of? Is it the money? Is it to keep up with the Jones’s?

When you take yourself out of the unpleasantness, what becomes important in life? When you remove all the ‘treasures’ on earth that we can’t enjoy when we’re dead, what really matters then?

Seems like we work our miserable jobs just to please others. To be able to show off. We spend our hard earned money on things we don’t even know we really like.


I apologize if I sound like I’m bashing people who work the 9-5. I’m just talking about those who aren’t happy with their jobs. I don’t mean to say that it’s the worst type of job ever. Some people love their job. That’s great! My job is just not for me. It doesn’t work for what I want now.

20 years down the line though, things may change and I may eventually end up back at my old job. Who knows.

Until I can find something else that can help pay the bills, I will not be fully quitting my job.

And until then, I must keep going into work and doing my job that I dread. The advantage of this is that I get to keep my benefits, keep paying into my pension, keep getting paid!

I have the day off today. I am drinking my coffee and baileys and working on my blog today. Feels great. I don’t dread this work at all. Is this even considered work?

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