Escaping the Winter for a Month Long Workation

I made a small leap and booked a month long workation! I’ve never been away for longer than a month. The longest was 2.5 weeks and it was a whirlwind of seeing all the sites we could fit in and travelling between different cities and countries. This time around, we are staying put in one location. Escaping the blistering cold winter is going to be so glorious even thought it’s going to involve some learning and working on a laptop. Small price to pay.

Any guesses?

At the beginning, I always thought we would either choose between Arizona and Thailand. Neither of them became our top two.

Just a random beach with beautiful water. Photo by Chris Galbraith on Unsplash

The place I booked is a small warm beach town with great surf and is very affordable ($33 Airbnb/night). I’ve heard some good and not so good things about this town but overall, we are happy with our choice. My partner is much more excited about it than I am because he wants to surf. He’s only surfed a couple of times but has in his mind that he wants to it everyday. I’ll keep you guys posted if he keeps up with it.

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Photo by Mohsen Ben Cheikh on Unsplash

This trip should be interesting. I really don’t know what to expect. I’ve never been on a beach ‘vacation’ longer than a week so I’m not sure what to do with myself. Sure, I’ll be working on my blog and possibly learn the ins and outs of a VA (virtual assistant), but I don’t see myself wanting to do this 8 hours a day. I’ll want to explore the towns around us as well as the nearby city centre. Any guess yet as to where we are heading?

I don’t know if you remember one of my earlier posts where I was completely stressed about going away for a month but I’m not anymore. Working less hours in the career that I am not happy with and learning more about doing stuff online has really opened my eyes about the possibilities out there. I am more easily able to detach myself from work and it feels amazing! I’m still a lost with my abilities of what to do next with earning money, but I’m not as scared.

As exciting as it was to book everything, it was nerve wracking. Not going to lie, I’m still awaiting on my vacation approval. Unless the schedule gets an entire revamp, there shouldn’t be any issues. How can there be if I only work 2 days every 2 weeks. But, you can never be too sure.

The Reveal

It is starting to get cold in they city I live in and the I already got my flu shot. The thought of having the flu is a solid reminder that winter is not too far off. I don’t mind winter all that much but the idea of escaping it for an entire month…couldn’t sound sweeter.

The suspense must be killing you by now so I guess I’ll tell you that we chose…Sayulita, Mexico! Sayulita is a small beach town of roughly 5000 residents on Mexico’s pacific coast and is only 30 miles from Puerto Vallarta. The more I talk and write about this adventure, the more I get excited.

I wasn’t super thrilled at first because my first choice was Cabarete in the Dominican but flights out were more expensive and lengthier. Also, I booked a place without a pool. Why would a pool be high on my priority list? Frankly, sometimes I don’t want to be around people and want to veg out and not have sand everywhere. Also, the ocean is mighty and I feel much safer in a pool. We booked fairly ‘late’ (4 months pre-trip) and couldn’t find anything in our price range and for an entire month. So many beautiful options for less time though.

I am getting so excited that I want to get rid of all my shifts at work and start buckling down with immersing myself in the digital world. There have been many Instagram motivational posts that have also been making me more pumped about getting out of my hometown!

Recommended sites for your Winter Escape

If you’re thinking of going somewhere long term and have specific needs or wants for the city you end up in, check out . This site rates different cities based on so many different factors such as air quality, wifi network, safety, weather, etc. which you can filter out. It’s a pretty rad site that you should check out!

As for airfare, a friend recommended FareDrop, a discount/error fare alert website. After setting your travel goals and criteria, the site with email/text you of all the deals with a direct link if you want to book right away. If you love a bargain, you’ll enjoy this site. This service has a free trial for the first 30 days and is 3.99US/month thereafter. Create your FareDrop account here.

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