Failing at Balancing Working From Home and Going to Work

What a crazy time we are living in at the moment. Once this has ‘passed’ or a vaccine has been found – let’s hope this is soon – I can’t wait to watch a documentary on this craziness and how people in different countries and social classes are adjusting to the changes.

Personally, not much has changed for myself. I would consider myself lucky. So lucky that I’ve even picked up more shifts than usual at the hospital. My department is already short staffed and soon, people will get sick (it’s inevitable) I wanted to do my part. My partner can’t understand why I would want to go to the hospital to work and increase my chances of getting sick. I’m not being heroic but I think this is why I went into healthcare in the first place…because I wanted to help. I’m a helper.

Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash
The only free pic I found that would someone resemble what a cardiology technologist does

Daily Changes

Aside from picking up extra shifts at the hospital, I’ve had to learn to video chat with friends and family now and not go out for dinners. That’s pretty much it. I’ve avoided the organization/decluttering craze out there since I do that on a regular basis and I am jealous of all those who are in the midst of it. The only other thing that has really changed is finding the time to work on my online job in between going into work at the hospital.

Problem is, I can’t seem to balance juggling my two jobs. What am I saying? I have time to do both but I just don’t have the desire, I guess. Like, is it weird that at this time, I am more interested in working at the hospital than staying at home? More interested in going to a job that I didn’t like and wanted to get out of? Is it because while everyone has to stay in, I get the chance to leave the house?

When I get home from the hospital, I don’t want to think about doing work online. I like to keep them separated. When I have to work 5 straight shifts, my job online takes a back seat and then I have to play catch-up. I don’t know how to balance the two. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash
My actual work space at home is really shitty. Maybe that’s why I have no desire to work after I get home from the hospital.

I know, I know, many people work so much more and don’t complain and just do it. Perhaps if I were in a position where I had no choice or bills wouldn’t be paid then that would light a fire under my seat? For now, I’ll be here just coasting along.


I don’t know, maybe I’m running around blindfolded not having a clue of what I want and trying everything and anything ( I have this history of getting bored with things easily). I recently signed up for an online course and really excited to learn. Like they all say, this is a great time to find learn new things and find new hobbies. But at the same time, I don’t want to start this course until I have a can devote a set amount of time strictly to this course. Who knows when that will be. Seems like there are lots of things I want to try but just can’t get myself to move ahead. Something drastic needs to happen. Gah.

This pandemic, even though it hasn’t really changed my lifestyle much, has made me lazier. I’m annoyed at myself, but obviously not that annoyed to do much about it.

We’ll see how April holds up. Whether you care or not, I’ll keep you in the loop how I’m doing with balancing going to work and staying at home to work and how I’m getting on with my new courses I signed up for.

Ps. I whipped up this post in less than an hour. I’m being lazy and not writing what I had intended to write because it seemed like to much work…what a pitiful showing by me.

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