free stuff at work makes things better.

I just realized that I was excited to go to work today, even if it is the weekend. But, I’m dreading going into work tomorrow.  What’s the difference? 

Yesterday, I snagged a free ice cream sandwich and a burger and chips and I knew I was going to get more free stuff today. 

I was right. 

I got a coffee and a croissant.   

Last week I got a booster juice, a hot dog, sandwiches, muffins, etc. 

Is this all it takes to make me happy at work? Free food?  Apparently so. 

This is not typical of my workplace at all.

It’s all attributed to Unions.  They are all trying to grab our attention by bribing us with food, lunch bags, lanyards, lip balms, pens, frisbees, etc.  They think free stuff is going to make us vote for them.   It is such a waste of money but I can’t complain because I love food and free stuff.  More so the free food. 

Typically, the thank you we get at working at the biggest hospital in the province, is taking our entire lunch break waiting in line for a free hot dog and drink we get once a year.

I know I complain about work a lot.  There’s a lot of stuff going on that, for me, upsets and annoys me.  It’s not the worst.  You’ll find politics anywhere you work.  Drama is always around the corner.  It’s fun, until you’re a part of it.  I’m sure things will eventually change but our time on earth is short and it’s not worth working another 20 years here before I can retire to not be happy.  

When I firsts started this job, I was so excited and eager to do more.  But after several years of dealing with patients and co-workers and management, I became deflated.  Now, I don’t care so much to be around these type of environment anymore.   

You would think a job in healthcare would be fulfilling.  Don’t get me wrong, some of the patients I have are so wonderful and appreciative and they really do make the job meaningful.  They remind me why I do what I do. 

But then you get the patients, the majority of them, who start texting on their phones in the middle of a test or who are so upset with the system and they take their anger out on you, or who just won’t cooperate so the test is twice as long and that much more difficult to complete.  

I love(d) talking to coworkers about vacation and couldn’t wait for my next vacation.  Every few months I needed to get away to reset myself.   

But, to not have to be tied down to a schedule and book my vacation a year in advance or plead with coworkers with more seniority to let you switch vacation days sounds amaze-balls 

Can you really blame me for wanting out?  Maybe I’m too delicate of a flower and can’t handle work stresses.  Whatever.  I’m not happy.  I tried making things work and voiced my complaints but nothing changed.  It is what it is until it isn’t.  I’m making ‘it’ a ‘was’.   Removing myself from the situation seems like the best solution!   

I’m sure digital nomads face their own issues as well.  It’s not always going to be rainbow and flowers.  The adjustment will probably be hard.  Maybe I’ll hate it.  But for now, it’s looking to be pretty good. 

Unfortunately I have to deal with the present.  Next week, union voting will be closed so there’s not going to be anymore free food. I will have to keep on keeping on until our great getaway begins! 

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