Getting out of the rat race.

Last night, Bumblebae and I played a boardgame called Cashflow by Robert Kiyosaki. He bought this game off someone from Kijiji.

I was not interested whatsoever in wanting to learn how to play the game but Bumblebae was insistent. He was so pumped being able to find the game because he is so interested in real estate and desperately wants to retire early.

I couldn’t say no to him. He set everything up and made me sit and listen. I was bored and easily distracted.

The game is about trying to get out of the rat race (which everyone starts off in).

Rat race – a way of life in which people are caught up in a fiercely competitive struggle for wealth or power. to eventually live the dream.

What Rat Race?

Isn’t that what most of us want- to live the dream? Most of us probably don’t even see ourselves being part of any race. I’m not even sure if people have a specific dream in mind that they want to obtain. I think most of us just work until the age of retirement. But what about all the time spent getting to retirement? Isn’t that important too? Aren’t there things we want to do before we retire? Why do we always hear, ‘I can wait until I retire to do this or do that’? Why are we waiting for a time that may not even happen?

I never thought of myself in any sort of rat race. At least I never considered it. I was a, ‘work until I get full pension then retire and enjoy life’.

I want to enjoy life now….while I can. 30 years from now I may have to wear adult diapers, my eyes might start failing me, my body may be too weak to go for long hikes, spicy foods may irritate my stomach, etc. Bumblebae really got me to open my eyes wider (not literally since I have small Asian eyes, but metaphorically) about all the possibilities there are and that I am not limited like how I thought I was.

I could see why Bumblebae would be interested in this game. He’s always searching for ways to earn passive income so he could enjoy life the way he wants to without having to worry about money. He really loved Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad‘ book and he’s been wanting to find a way to retire early. So, no brainer.

Game Rules

Back to the game – there are a lot of calculations involved.

I’m Asian but I hate math. Shocking, I know! It’s simple math really but I was not interested at all. Everything is simplified so the math is super easy. I pouted and was easily distracted. There was a lot of erasing on the paper which annoyed me cause it was just messy. By the end, the paper was so filled with so many numbers and scribbles and what not that I’m pretty sure some of my calculations incorrect. Plus, it was past 10pm which is past my regular bed time! I was also high so this probably didn’t help matters.

We honestly didn’t even play the game correctly but we definitely got the gist of it. It was surprisingly fun. I learned quite a bit and more importantly, I won. Did I win because I was good and made wise decisions or was my math all wrong and I inadvertently cheated? We will never know.

Cashflow is a really basic game for those who are just beginning to learn about money management and who want to build their financial intelligence. I would definitely recommend this game to all high school and college students.

The paper and pencil thing was the worst part but it was manageable. You put your basic math skills to use while learning valuable life lessons that I wish I had learned 20 years ago. There are some things that are outdated and perhaps not realistic but making a board game about finances somewhat fun, not too shabby!

We played the original game but it’s been revamped and updated so maybe it’s even better!

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