I am not ready to quit my day job.

My name is Cristine and I am a procrastinator and I am not ready to quit my day job…just yet.

I recently posted about a few things I am learning…or trying to learn to enhance this blog and learn more about the digital world. I also mentioned previously of a 10-day course that Mitch has me doing. It’s been a month since I started it and I am only on day 4.

I am finding it so tough to get through this course where I learn about Content, Traffic, Pre-sell, and Monetizaion. Even with an ultimate goal in mind to quit my day job (or at least going down to casual) and working on the road alongside Mitch, studying is really rough. I don’t know what is stopping me from moving forward. Am I just sabotaging myself? I need to ‘get off the couch’. It’s kind of like going to the gym. The hardest part is getting out the door but once you’re in the middle of the workout, it’s not so bad.

Being told what to do

Every morning on my day off from my hospital job, Mitch asks what my plan is for the day. I know that what he’s really trying to ask is, ‘are you doing the course?’.

OMG, this annoys the heck out of me. I can’t stand when people tell me what I already know I have to do. I will do it when I feel like doing it!!

Mitch then goes on to say that he asks this everyday to push me. If I can get this done faster, then our dream of moving away may begin sooner. We don’t want to wait until we are 40 before we make our dreams a reality. The more I procrastinate, the longer I am stuck in my current career where I am unhappy. I get it.

Gah, why must he throw this in my face and make me feel guilty!? Does he realize I have bills to pay?! My condo fees go up every year!! I can’t quit my day job just yet.

Just kidding, I know what he says is true and I need to be more serious with my time. Putting off learning is just going to slow us down and lengthen the time we spend in a place we don’t want to be in full time.

Currently I am switching between studying, writing this post, and doing jumping jacks/push-ups to keep me me from getting completely off track. Today I have so far completed 1000 jumping jacks and 80 push-ups. It has helped a bit but I am still easily distracted.

Current office spot with home gym on the side for the time being

Things to consider when thinking about quitting your job (just a handful I’ve found on the internet):

I’ve been skimming articles that provide tips to those who want to quit their day jobs and become a digital nomad. The main tips that have resonated with me were:

  1. Try it as a side hustle first – in my case, a personal blog probably won’t make me rich enough to be able to leave my day job but at least I am making some sort of effort.
  2. Move forward with what you want, not just running away from your current situation – I am a runner. I like to run away from my problems (specifically to a beach far far away). Work isn’t great but my relationship and our goals plus my happiness is the driving force of the change.
  3. If you’re not willing to take financial risks, coping with the uncertainties of digital nomading will be difficult – this is a really tough one as I like to play it safe for the most part
  4. Seek support from a diverse group of mentors with experience and different skill sets to help keep you motivated – I’m a part of several online groups that offer a wealth of knowledge that I probably wouldn’t be able to find in my own city.
  5. Read – read to gain knowledge whether it be books, articles, blog posts, forums, etc.; immerse and better yourself.
  6. Consider what all aspects of your life would be like if you were a digital nomad – don’t just look at all the positives, be prepared for the negatives
  7. Consider your personal and business finances – have a backup in case things don’t work out the first year
  8. Create a vision you desire and let it inspire – I recently had a reader comment how much they like reading my blog. I don’t have a lot of readers so this was so awesome to hear and just the one comment made me want to keep pushing ahead. When people see what you’re passionate about, they are affected as well – what a great motivator!

Am I ready to fully leave my job?

Nope. And I probably never will. What I mean by this is that I want to be able to keep my credentials. In order for me to do this, I need to work so many hours and have continuing educational units per year. I am working towards being casual at the hospital. Knowing I am able to pick up shifts when I’m back on my home turf is comforting to me. It’s a safety net and I still have a foot in the door should things not work out. This is what makes sense to me right now. Does this make sense to you? In my mind it completely makes sense.

At work, I am at the top tier making the highest wage my position can make. I know if I work this many hours, I will know how much I make. This makes me very comfortable with the lifestyle attached to what I make as well as being able to save. So to fully quit now where I am making no money on this blog seems ridiculous even if I am unhappy.

Getting out of a job is more difficult than what people think, especially when the pay is good. There are so many things to consider. The main question for myself is: how badly do I want out? Is money the end all be all? Giving up security and a steady income and not knowing what the future holds is not something I can easily get on board with.

I’m sure once I can find another source of income, I will want to quit my day job. Shouldn’t this be the other way around though? Either that or I quit my job and have no other choice but to focus on doing something new.I’m not full on miserable with my job but, I am very unhappy though and this is just one of two reasons I want out. The second reason, as mentioned in other posts, is that Mitch and I want to escape the winters here. I think the former is whats causing me to procrastinate. Personally, only in times of desperation, will I do what I need to do.

This digital thing, it’s not secure. One month can be really great, and the next you may question yourself why you switched careers in the first place. And as comforting as it is to read all the advice, tips and support, it’s obvious I’m not yet fully ready to make the jump. I’m in the warm-up stage – still procrastinating with learning a foreign topic.


You know what’s great though? I started reading a blog by Local Adventurer. They are very transparent which is refreshing. The fact that they are Asian (as am I) makes them more relatable. There is definitely a place for making an income off blogging if you work hard at it and are good at it. I am obviously nowhere near where they are at but it gives me hope to see others succeed.

Here is me being transparent: I’ve made $0 since I started this blog and I have no clue what I am doing. I’ve asked for help as well as given up multiple times. Currently I’ve given up on my jumping jacks and have moved on to eating a cookie. How counteractive of me. I don’t care, I’m going nuts.

One day, if and when I jump ship (doesn’t seem like anytime soon unless I magically understand how all of this works), maybe I won’t be scared telling my family that I’ve quit my job to blog full time…

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Hey there, I'm Cristine (aka Nomadgirlfriend). I want to quit my job so I can travel more. I just need to figure out the digital world so I can start making money to feed my wanderlust with my digital nomad partner. I welcome you to join my on this journey of self discovery and new adventures!

  • Kelley Treichler says:

    Christine …..keep going! Your blog is refreshing as I live your reality as well! Money is not a true motivator …… happiness is! Money is shit….here today…..gone tomorrow! Money sadly also brings out a lot of evil in people! I wish I could do at least a point 5 ….. but cant yet!

    • NomadGirlfriend says:

      Thank Kelley! You’re right, as soon as we make money, it’s usually spent the next day.
      You’ll get to a .5 soon enough and wish you had done it long ago! lol

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