A Pandemic Got You Stuck Indoors – Time to Declutter!

Photo by CDC on Unsplash This is a scary time to be walking the earth right now. We are in the midst of a pandemic and everyone is freaking out buying up toilet paper of all things. I think there are a couple


Too Busy to Declutter? I Think Not!

Time is valuable. We treasure it.  We crave more. We need more. There isn’t enough time in a day to do everything we need to get done.  That’s what they all said. How is this possible?  We have machines that


Expecting a Baby Is a Great Excuse to Declutter

People declutter for different reasons. For me, I declutter all the time because I love the rush of simplifying my home. For others, a life change such as downsizing/moving, a death in the family, binge watching Marie Kondo, or welcoming


The Difference Between Mess and Clutter

Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash Whether our homes are cluttered or messy, it an make us feel like we are out of control.  It can make us feel like we don’t have our shi*t together and that we are lazy butts.  Surprise,


Rise of the Decluttering Nation

I don’t like clutter. That’s putting it lightly. I despise clutter. That’s more like it. When I see clutter, my mind feels cluttered. I wasn’t always like this. It just…sort of gradually happened. Photo by Onur Bahçıvancılar on Unsplash Decluttering Out of Thin


Closet Cleanse (steps + tips to streamline and de-clutter the dreaded wardrobe)

Are you ready for the new year?  It’s the start of 2020 and I can tell you want a change in your life!  What’s a better place to start than your closet. Who’s up for a closet cleanse?   I’m


Kicking It Old School S.P.U.G. Style

It’s the holiday season and we all know what that means: mass amounts of spending on useless gifts.  If you’re trying to incorporate a minimalist mindset to your personal life, it’s likely that it will translate further when thinking about


Minimalism and Materialism: The Effects on Mental Health

In more recent years, the minimalist movement has risen and has seen many, many people pursue a lifestyle of living with less ‘stuff’. But for some reason consumerism seems to be at an all time high as well. From Marie

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