My Month-long Visit to Sayulita

Town centre in Sayulita

It’s been a little more than three weeks since I touched down in Mexico. I’ve done so much but at the same time, have done so little. I’m ready to get to my own bed and start checking off things on my to-do list to get ready for next years’ getaway!


Every week we’ve either had friends visit us or we met up with friends for the day. One of the great things about choosing Sayulita is that there are affordable flights that are usually direct to get to PV and then a cheap bus ride to Sayulita, so we have friends who are more likely to visit.


Trying all the food here is a must. There are so many options. I have found my favorites and will miss them dearly. When you come, I suggest you try… Everything! Seriously. How else will you know what your favorite is. Everywhere you go, you’ll notice that no two tacos are the same. Even all the extras that you layer on top are different. And the tortilla shell…that plays an important role as well. So, you have to try it all to see which one you like the most. I should probably take more photos of the food but I usually gobble it all up before I have think about taking a photo!

Delicious food from El Itacate

Being Sick…

The past week I was pretty much sidelined. It started off with not being able to fall asleep. I had major back pain, the bed was uncomfortable, my stomach ached and I was exhausted. I didn’t sleep for more than 30 hours.

After I finally caught some z’s, I woke up feeling dizzy, week, my stomach cramped, I was nauseated and I had a headache. I pretty much stayed in bed for 5 days, venturing out every so often for an hour before I felt like I was going to pass out.

Another great thing about Sayulita is that there are ‘Farmacias’ everywhere that sell almost everything. Pretty sure I was just sick from dehydration. It’s easy to get caught up in the fun and forget about drinking water. There are also ambulances parked right at the square so if you need anything, they’re there in a pinch and are very kind and helpful. A friend of ours had to get stitches on his head and it was quick and free of charge!

Hydration pretty much did the job. I am alive and well and back on the beach getting my tan on.


Walking around town and exploring the side streets is pretty fun. There is quite a bit of development and we got to see things we would have never seen if we stuck to our usual route. Although we didn’t do it this time around, renting a golf cart for the day may be a great way to zip through and around town.

There are towns close to Sayulita that you can take a day trip to. A bus to Bucerias is only 50 pesos and we were lucky enough to catch the celebrations of the Blessing of the Boats. San Pancho is not too far away either. It is a much smaller and not as lively town as Sayulita but this town has a lot of charm!

The beautiful view from our friends apartment in Bucerias


We are into our last week of ‘workationing’ in Sayulita and Mitch just started his surfing lessons. It’s never too late. It’s too bad that he couldn’t start sooner but it’s a good excuse for us to come back! I, on the otherhand, got my tan on and wrote my goals for the year!

Learning to surf in Sayulita


With 4 days left of our Mexico trip, I finally started the SiteBuilder course that Mitch signed me up for. I don’t know why it took me so long to start and why I was so hesitant and not excited about it, but it did. This course is to really help me buckle down and figure out what to do with this site.

The most difficult thing I read was having the mindset that this site isn’t just a hobby but a business. For me, I treated it as a hobby because I had no clue what I was doing. I still am learning the basics. However, if I am really going to be serious about the future goals I have, I need to focus.

After just following the course for 1 hr, I know this site is going to change drastically. I have a better understanding of where I want it to go and what I want to do with it. Currently, I don’t have a niche. I have like 3 niches that I can’t decide on and am rotating through them. It’s exhausting and confusing.

Made a huge pot of guacamole to snack on while working

Almost Ready to Leave

I am so looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, peeing in my own toilet, sitting on my own couch, and cooking/baking whatever food I feel like making (not just guacamole).

I’m not looking forward to leaving the beach and going back to work though.

It’s a new year and a new decade and I am determined to work on becoming a new me that won’t be scared to take a risk. Mitch and I have our goals that we are serious about and I am eager to reach them.

I hope you continue to join me on my journey and perhaps help keep me accountable!

See you back in Canada.

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