new word: slomad.

On the drive home from the lake this weekend, Bumblebae and I started to talk about this blog of mine and where it can go and lead to.

Lake Life

I told him I was really excited about this new project of mine and was trying to get more readers and put ads up and what not. He wasn’t so convinced that it would work out the way I wanted and I was bummed. He didn’t mean to put me down. He just really wanted me to started thinking about what exactly it is that I want and to start coming up with ideas. He wanted me to convince him so that it would make me truly believe in myself. He wanted me to be sure that I had a plan in place. He knows me well. Talking through things about the blog and how to set it up is kind of interesting. Especially because this is his jam and this type of conversation excites him.

Truth be told, I didn’t really have a plan other than to start. Start and see how I liked writing and from there, see where it could lead to. I’ve only written a handlful of posts but its been fun so far.

Anyways, one of the first things we discussed was ‘nomad girlfriend’ tagline and how it is appealing to people. Would people read about this? How am I supposed to know if I will get a following but I assume there are others out there like me who are computer illiterate and are following their partner out into the unknown world. He then mention that he wasn’t really a digital nomad. He was more of a ‘digital Slomad’. A what? A slow travelling nomad.

My mind was blown. I knew he took his time travelling and working but I didn’t know there was another term for this. I thought a digital nomad was a person who would travel and work at the same time. The amount of time spent at a new destination didn’t make a difference. Technically I don’t think it does but it all totally makes sense to me.

I am way too lazy to look up the actual definition of what a digital nomad is though. So, I’m taking it for what I think it is unless someone tells me otherwise which I don’t think anyone will since no one really reads this blog! hahaha

When I travel on vacation, I really don’t mind going from place to place to place because I want to see everything. But if I were to have to work elsewhere, I would for sure call myself a ‘slomad’. Packing up and sleeping on a new bed every so often would get way too exhausting.

So there it is. I think having this blog is really helping me/us define what our goal as a couple in life is going to be. Should I change my tagname to, ‘Future Slomad Girlfriend’? It seems to be the most appropriate and I would no longer be a liar.

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Hey there, I'm Cristine (aka Nomadgirlfriend). I want to quit my job so I can travel more. I just need to figure out the digital world so I can start making money to feed my wanderlust with my digital nomad partner. I welcome you to join my on this journey of self discovery and new adventures!

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