Rise of the Decluttering Nation

I don’t like clutter. That’s putting it lightly.

I despise clutter. That’s more like it.

When I see clutter, my mind feels cluttered.

I wasn’t always like this. It just…sort of gradually happened.

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Decluttering Out of Thin Air

My decluttering ways didn’t really take complete form until I started dating Mitch. I’m not saying he’s the cause of me becoming a ‘minimalist tiger mom’ (I’m not a mom), but he has helped change my mindset. Having things became less important to me while experiences became increasingly important. I also knew that being with Mitch meant that moving was a big possibility. To prep myself for this possible change, I started to declutter. Decluttering became really fun and it felt really good.

The move has not happened yet but I am still finding things to declutter.

Tiny Homes have also become an obsession of mine. In the back of my mind I have this vision of living in a ‘smaller’ home. My goal of eventually moving into tiny-ish home is one of the main driving factors of whittling down to minimal! It’s about goals y’all! Today, I regularly and ruthlessly go through my worldly possessions and pare things down! People are astounded by how much I can purge each time.

**As I am writing this post, I have sold an ipod touch 4th gen 32GB and a stella&dot gold fringe necklace on kijiji. I am also in conversation with 2 different ppl who are wanting to trade some chocolates for some of my items that have been collecting dust on the shelf – this seriously brings me so much joy**

How Did the Rise of a Decluttering Nation Come About?

How did the decluttering movement come about anyways? Would you even call it a movement? I would consider it a popular habit!

Decluttering, or also known as ‘getting rid of junk’ has always been around. People have been doing it for ages. The word ‘declutter’ is just a fancy term for tidying up and throwing shit out. Social media has sensationalized it and it’s now a ‘thing’ that people are making money off of! So clever!

The rise of the decluttering nation rose out of consumerism and consumerism is at its peak today. The need for wanting more is taking a stronghold on many of us. We can’t help ourselves from being distracted from shiny objects. People are beginning to realize and notice how much crap they own. They realize that the initial excitement of buying something lasts only a short period of time until the stress of seeing it amongst all the other junk causes stress. They realize that being surrounded by clutter – be it digital, paper, or random shit – is distracting and causes a loss of focus.

The more we own, the more there is a need to declutter. And because we are all addicted to social media and enjoy finding information on the internet, the more we like to talk about decluttering. Hence, the popularity of decluttering and the rise of a dejunkified nation!

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Consumerism at Its Finest

Nowadays, there are so many options of things to buy and places to buy them from. Buying stuff is easier than ever. No wonder we have amassed a bunch of junk and filled our homes. We are constantly bombarded by infomercials, IG stores, online stores, emails, etc.

Having anything and everything at our fingertips. Does it really make us happy? Maybe when you first are able to show it off. But once everyone has seen it, the excitement wears off and you’re stuck the junk that no longer brings joy. It’s madness.

Have you ever stopped to think about what’s in your storage room and how much of that stuff you use on monthly basis. Chances are, you probably don’t even know whats in half of those boxes.

The Declutter Takeover

When I see clutter or hear of people wanting to get rid of clutter, my fingers start to tingle and I immediately offer help to purge the house of unnecessary things! I begin to get excited over how clean and crisp the room is going to look and how happy the individual is going to feel after the process. I have completely joined the declutter nation bandwagon!

Decluttering has taken over my life. Well, I wouldn’t say to the point of it being a compulsive disorder, but I definitely do take great joy in the act or even thought of getting rid of junk.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same sentiment of decluttering as me. As long as you practice it here and there and not spend so nutty, I’m okay and you will be too!

Clutter Love

Some people love their clutter. Their stuff wouldn’t even be considered clutter to them.

Boggles my mind but fair enough.

If an untidy mass of things brings someone joy, who am I to say what they do with it. What I see as clutter, others may see a collection.

Ps. I hate collections of anything and I don’t care if things bring people said joy. I think they are lying. Clutter, aka. junk, drives me nuts.

Once the sight of clutter starts to cause anxiety or stress or serve absolutely no purpose at all other than taking up space, clutter should no longer hold a place in your heart.

If you are ready and willing to start purging some junk and join the declutter nation, I am here for you and welcome you with open arms.

I’ll gladly come over or have a facetime session with someone who needs some help purging some household items. I would be your personal motivator, your pusher, or your drill sergant. I may be blunt, I may be critical, I may make you question the meaning of life. By the end you may not like me very much. But, trust that shit will get done! You will no longer love or feel the need to keep your clutter. In fact, you too will hop on the decluttering bandwagon!

The organizing thing though, I’ll leave that up to the professionals.

If you’re in the Winnipeg, Canada area, please check out Sara at https://threepinesorganizing.com/ . She is so patient, kind, and an overall amazing spirit!

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