Sayulita Food Tour – Top 10 Restaurants

Lora Cafe

Disclaimer – this is a list of restaurants, street vendors that I love. It’s all subjective though so don’t fault me if you disagree. Recommendations are welcome.

Right from day 1 of being in Sayulita, I was immediately impressed with the food here. Every morning I woke up craving tacos or guacamole and I was never really disappointed. Everything I have tried has been amazing. If you love food as much as I do, you’ll want to come here, even if it’s for just a day. I don’t know if there are any Sayulita food tours but you can easily just walk up and down the streets and you’ll for sure find something you’ll like.

If I had to create a Sayulita Food Tour, I could easily list my top 10 favourite restaurants and force you to go there. Instead, I’ll just share them with you in this post!


You’ll find many restaurants and street vendors around the little town of Sayulita. Sayulita is only roughly 40km from the city of Puerto Vallarta and a 46 peso bus ride away!

Many refer to Sayulita as a sleepy surfer boho-chic town. This town is far from being sleepy. It is vibrant and bustling with tourists. If you’re in Puerto Vallarta or a nearby town like Bucerias, you HAVE to spend a day in Sayulita! This town does NOT disappoint!!

If you’re not familiar with Mexico time, you’ll need to be if you plan on doing your own food tour in Sayulita. You’ll notice street vendors open at random times and on random days of the week. As for restaurants, they’re typically always open…until they’re not. It’s a guessing game but, it’s not that bad because you’ll always find something you’ll like. Perhaps this is why there isn’t really a paid Sayulita food tour you can join. No worries though. Like I said, pretty much whatever street vendor, cart, restaurant you choose, you’ll enjoy the food.

My Top 10 Fave Sayulita Restaurants in No Particular Order

1. Chocobanana – This restaurant is hard to miss. It’s right in front of the town centre and the service is great. Their breakfast croissants are good, the chilaquiles great, but their smoothies are even better!

2. El Metro – Situated beside a grocer a short walk from the bus station towards town is this restaurant. We were in the middle of a torrential downpour when we first arrived and it so happened that El Metro was nearby. The portions here are large and can easily be shared. The Cubano Tortas is top notch and highly recommended. This is one of the restaurants that seem to be open at random times so go when you can!

3. El Itacate – OMG. The condiments (beans, salsas, hot onions, etc) alone take up the entire table. The cheese burrito is amazeballs. Just imagine – instead of a flour tortilla, your burrito is wrapped with crisped cheese and your choice of meat varies from flank steak to !! All our friends recommended this place and it did not disappoint. I also tried their chiles tacos with breaded chicken. Spicy and delicious! El Itacate has a second floor which provides a great view of the street below!

4. Burrito Revolution – Located right near El Itacate is this other hole in the wall. The burritos are large and tasty. This was Mitch’s choice for his last lunch in Sayulita.

5. Yah Yahs Sayulita Cafe– Not too far from the town centre is this fresh, clean and modern cafe serving up delicious drip coffee and great breakfasts. You’ll find quite a few digital nomads here as the upstairs hosts a small co-working space. My top choices for this place is the Vegan Bagel (even though we are meat eaters, this bagel did not disappoint), Sayulita Bowl, and the Sesame toast (topped with avocado, feta, fried egg).

Yah Yah’s Chemex coffee and toast with cottage cheese and mixed fruit

6. Crunchy Taco Guys (I never caught their cart name because I was always too busy ordering and eating)- You won’t miss these guys as they pop up during the day on the street. Always busy, these guys serve one thing: crispy tacos filled with ground beef. If you’re craving the crunch, this is the place to go. Plan accordingly though as they seem to close up by 2 pm.

Crunchy Taco Guys

7. Mary’s – Don’t make the mistake of ordering randomly. Our first trip to Mary’s was not stellar but the second time…oh boy, we were over the top happy. The shrimp tacos and sayulita tacos are a few of the most popular items on their menu. The portions were generous and very delicious. This became one of our favourite places to eat.

8. Tacos Tono (we nicknamed this place 8pm taco just cause that’s what time they usually open) – Situated on a unassuming street left of the bridge as you enter the town centre is this busy street vendor. This husband and wife team serves up the best Suadaro tacos (don’t ask, just eat). The tripe comes in a close second. There is always a line up and for obvious reasons. While waiting in line, the smell of the meat getting cooked will waft up your nostrils and make you order more than your stomach can handle. This place has the most toppings you can imagine (including radishes, cucumber, hot sauces galore, fried onions, cabbage, onions with cilantro, salsas, etc.) This is by far my favourite place to eat, hands down! Tacos are 17 Pesos and worth every penny.

Tacos Tono: Best Tacos EVER!

9. Organi-k – Right before you cross over the bridge heading into the main part of town, you’ll see Organi-k. You can’t miss it. They have a very lovely dining area where you’ll find many digital nomads working on their computers. Apparently this place is the place to go for coffee. Personally, I came for the poke bowl.

Tuna Poke @ Organi-k

10. Tacos El Talivan – If you’ve never tried tacos al pastor, then you’ve got to check out El Talivan. The marinated pork spinning in front of an open fire is so savoury that eating just one isn’t enough! You can see their cart as you cross the main bridge going into town. They set up shop in the evenings and there is usually a big crowd. The guys there are so skilled at shaving the meat and slicing a piece of pineapple onto your plate.


  • Rustico – In the evening, this restaurant becomes very busy. Rustico serves up pastas and thin crust pizza. We ordered the Funghi and El Rey pizzas which we got delivered and they were delicious!
  • If you’re missing your ramen, you’ve got to try Loro Cafe. This is a nice change of pace from eating tacos all day. They also serve BBT but I recommend sticking with just a fruit smoothie.
Char Sui Ramen with Matcha BBT

So Much Food, So Little Time

If you are only visiting for the day, I would really recommend not filling up at just one restaurant. You’ve got to try as many as possible! A nibble here, a nibble there, you can do it. Wash it all down with Agua Frescas – flavoured water with fresh fruit and is really refreshing. And remember, if you have to ask for la quinta (the bill) or they’ll let you sit for ages.

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