Social Distancing – The New Normal

This ‘thing’ that’s going on in the world…well, it’s put a small damper on…well basically, life. Instead of working less at the hospital, I have picked up more shifts. Instead of trying to develop my online skills, I’ve put it aside and am doing the bare minimum. I have not started my online course that I was once so eager to once start. Ideas of our next trip have not been discussed. Instead of working to better ourselves, we have become lazy sacks of potatoes just coasting by.

Some people think that ‘this’ is a great wake up call and in some cases, I would highly agree. There is less pollution, people are spending time at home with their families, we are baking more than ever (and not just at Christmas), we are learning/trying new things, we are reclaiming time that we thought we didn’t have enough of. All great.

All great except that this is a lonely time. We aren’t able to share are newfound experiences with our friends and families other than through a screen. It’s just not the same. For those social butterflies, this is tough. But the longer we quarantine, isolate, or distance ourselves, will this become the new normal and we will no longer be phased by this change?

Getting It Straight

Let’s first quickly go over the difference between social distancing, quarantine, and self isolation.

Social Distancing – keeping a physical distance between yourself and other people outside of your home to help reduce the spread of a disease/virus

Quarantine – keeping someone who might have or been exposed to a disease/virus away from others to help limit the spread by limiting their movement outside of their home.

Isolation – Keeping ‘sick’ people isolated and away from those who are healthy by staying inside the home

Photo by Elton Sa on Unsplash

Social Distancing and Work

At work (the hospital), there are only 2 people allowed in an elevator, half the tables in the cafeteria are removed only allowing one person to sit at each table and staff stick to close to the wall when walking down the hallways so as not to get too close to others. Every couple of hours, there is an announcement reminding staff to ‘be aware, area care’ and clean the space around us. There are no visitors (except under extreme circumstances) and there are less people coming to the emergency which means less patients in the hospital overall. It’s pretty nutty.

Everyday feels like a night shift. It’s eerily quiet for a large hospital. Quite bizaare. It’s like we’re part of some social experiment that we aren’t really aware of but, I’m liking it.

Work used to feel so grimy with so many people walking around. But with social distancing, even with coworkers, the ‘dirty’ grime is gone. Instead, what I now feel is a ‘deadly’ grime. Two totally different things. If we didn’t practice social distancing, I’d feel ‘dirty’ and ‘deadly’ grime and that’s not a good combo.

Yes, my hair is crazy and No, I don’t care.

Social Distancing, I Can Get On Board

The world can manage if we socially distanced ourselves. This means keeping 6 feet apart from each other. I think there would be some who would love if this was thing forever! No more people kicking your chair on the plane or movie theatre, no more people sweating on you at the gym, no more crowded busses, no more unwelcome and awkward hugs, no more pick pocketing! Doesn’t sound so bad to me.

The longer we have to stay distanced, the more likely it will become the new norm. We will become so comfortable with having our personal space that if someone were to trespass, I think we may just take a step back and wonder what the f*ck this person is doing. It will probably feel wrong and it may feel like a violation. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out!

Honestly. I think I could get used to it. There is one thing I wouldn’t be able to get use to though.

Back to Normal

I don’t think I’d be able to handle life very well if nothing were to reopen. I like to occasionally shop, go for dinner with friends and play board games, go to the farmers market, and check out a festival. Let’s not forget travelling. But the great thing is, all of this can still happen even with social distancing. If social distancing becomes the new normal, would it really be that bad?

I have plans. Plans that have derailed for the time being. It may take time to get back on track but I believe there is light at the end of this tunnel…which is only 6 feet away!

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