the big idea.

If you don’t know me, which I’m sure the majority of you don’t, I am chaos.

My thoughts, ideas, personality, and character are chaotic. My partner can attest to that. I’ve been back to school 3 times earning a degree, a diploma, and a certificate all for different fields in the healthcare. I randomly was looking at condos online and put in an offer even though I hadn’t sold my house. In conversation, I switch from topic to topic. I lose my train of thought very easily. I guess you can say I get pretty bored quickly.

The thought of starting a blog scared me mainly because I had no clue where or how to start and more specifically, what to write about. Everything that I’ve read, there has been a common theme. But I feel as though there isn’t one main thing interesting enough to talk about. I have way to much to say about random things. My thought process is chaotic. Somehow things work out though.

While I was in the washroom doing my business, it struck me. ‘It’ being my theme – for the most part. ‘It’ being my life being the partner of a nomad.

This idea is great in my opinion. I read and hear a lot about digital nomads and their lives with their family. What I don’t read much about is the partner. The partner who has given up/sacrificed their job and family to move away with their partner. I don’t like to use the words ‘given up’ and ‘sacrificed’ because if was a choice. A choice made between two people who love each other. I would never want to use it against him. Perhaps that is why I am still working 2+ days every 2 weeks. My transitioning to a completely different lifestyle is difficult and I know its going to take a lot of guts and trust.

So, for the most part, I will be talking mainly about how I am moving from a certain lifestyle of having a permanent, steady paycheck with benefits, pension, senority, set vacation to a lifestyle that includes eventually moving away and finding something to help give me an income while working from ‘home’.

Good luck to me. I am going to need it. In the meantime, Ill be here blogging about my big idea – my life going through a major lifestyle transition all the while figuring how I can get an online paid job.

Ugh, I wish I liked computers.

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Hey there, I'm Cristine (aka Nomadgirlfriend). I want to quit my job so I can travel more. I just need to figure out the digital world so I can start making money to feed my wanderlust with my digital nomad partner. I welcome you to join my on this journey of self discovery and new adventures!

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