The learning curve of starting a new career.

Have you ever felt so lost and confused while working that someone catches you staring off into space? This is definitely the case for me as I try to navigate the ins and outs of trying to start a new career in the digital world…or at least an online side hustle.

Everyone on the internet said starting a blog is easy as pie. What does ‘easy as pie’ even mean? It doesn’t even make sense because have you ever tried making pie? It’s not that easy. Wikipedia says its a popular colloquial idiom that describes a task being simple and pleasurable. Yes, I googled ‘easy as pie’ as well as ‘colloquial idiom’. Whatever.

Blogging issues

I am using WordPress to make my blog as well as Thrive Themes to help with the design. I’ve slowly become accustomed to a lot of the buttons and tools offered but every now and then there are updates which throw me off. The last update by Thrive Themes was super exciting but I had to watch the tutorials over and over again as well as pause it because the pace was so fast. I’m still not comfortable with it.

I am still trying to make my site look pretty and just the way I want it. It’s not going very well. When I’m not working on my post, I’m sitting here aimlessly and mindlessly pressing buttons hoping something will work. After what feels like eternity, nothing is how I want it to be and I am left frustrated.

Asking for help

I have resorted to writing a list of things I want fixed or added and having Mitch deal with it when he has the time.

Here’s the thing, Mitch will walk into the room, fiddle with the computer and 20 minutes later, he has everything on my list fixed and then some. This drives me bonkers and I feel like a total space cadet. It’s not like he automatically knows the answers. He has to research the answer as well but, somehow he finds the perfect resources. Again, bonkers

I’m being a total baby about this right now. I am having a complete meltdown. I want to give up and all I hear is Mitch telling me to complete my task. I don’t wanna!! I want to relax and watch Netflix. Why do I fight against being helped sometimes? Probably because I just want him to do everything for me.

I’m not a complete failure though. I’m learning quite a bit of stuff but if I didn’t have Mitch beside me, I would have steered clear from starting a new career – especially and online career.


I was working backwards and I have only myself to blame for not getting the work done right the first time around. I am going back to each of my posts to change things up, and add photos so that they fulfill SEO analysis and are more ‘readable’. What a headache.

I was forewarned. I fully admit that I should have listened to Mitch from the beginning. I rushed too fast in starting my blog and trying to make it look pretty before learning about search engine optimizers (SEO).

This is how I work though. Before I can really concentrate on anything, I need a good foundation…a nice looking blog. Forget the studying. I wanted to start with a nice page. It’s sort of like, before I cook, I need the counters to be clear and clean. Or, if I study, I need to have a pristine desk or else I’ll get easily distracted. I’m pretty sure this is why I am somewhat of a minimalist.

What resulted from working backwards was getting very few views for all the posts I wrote. It was a waste.

Isn’t this what starting a new career or job is like? You make a ton of errors at the beginning and as you start learning a few things, tasks eventually become second nature and you may even learn shortcuts? I haven’t learned any short cuts just yet. I am still in the error making phase of my learning.

Old school

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash
(instead of coffee, I had tea and instead of a croissant, I had strawberries)

I originally wrote this post the old fashioned way. There is something about writing with a pen and paper. There’s a sense of freedom and intelligence with the movement involved in writing out words. Being on the computer all day is difficult. Is this what I have to expect trying to start a new career online? Sometimes I second guess myself with the decision I am making. Is this really for me? Am I the type to sit in front of a computer as my butt aches from the hard surface of the chair? I was never a good writer nor was I ever really into computers. This new career shift really freaks me out sometimes.

I need to keep in mind that the difference between working at an office or working at my current hospital job and being able to blog from anywhere in the world is obvious. I can take a break whenever I want and however long I want, I can take a nap, I don’t have co-workers to deal with, I don’t have to worry about cleaning the mess people leave in the office fridge, and I don’t have to plan my vacation a year in advance. Instead, I get to annoy Mitch and do what I want whenever and wherever I want. Sounds pretty freaking amazing.


I need to embrace the digital life that I’ve decided to embark on. If I am wanting to escape my day job and become location independent, I need to keep on keeping on and accept that I am going to make plenty of errors but I that’s all a part of the learning process.

This new career idea of mine – blogging – I wouldn’t even call it a career or job just yet. It is more of a side hustle that I would love to see it generate a wee bit of income. I guess it’s more of a hobby right now that will hopefully turn into a side hustle which can then become my job.

Future posts

Will I continue talking about my learning fumbles and resistance to study? Definitely. I’m not going to be traveling long term anytime soon so I’ll need something to write about. But, once you start reading less about my computer struggles, you’ll know that I’m okay and that I am finally figuring things out.

Funny thing, I have an idea for another blog that I want to start! Who knew I’d be getting all the feels with blogging!

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Hey there, I'm Cristine (aka Nomadgirlfriend). I want to quit my job so I can travel more. I just need to figure out the digital world so I can start making money to feed my wanderlust with my digital nomad partner. I welcome you to join my on this journey of self discovery and new adventures!

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