Things To Do While Stuck Indoors

Has a zombie apocalypse or a certain pandemic have you self-isolating yourself? Whatever the reason why you may be stuck indoors, you’re probably trying to find ways to help pass the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand many of you are at home working and/or have kids to take care of and don’t necessarily have the time to think about keeping ‘busy’. But, since we no longer get to ‘hang out’ with friends, go to the movies or shopping malls, even the library, or attend a long awaited concert or musical, we need to search for other ways to entertain ourselves.

This is where I enter.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Staying Positive When Everything Else Seems Negative

Life seems so uncertain nowadays. Scary, even. Everyday we are bombarded with new news (mostly bad) and many of us feel we are walking on eggshells and trying to protect ourselves at whatever the cost. It’s frightening. But, this is life and we will get through this. Humanity has seen worse. Communities are coming together and helping each other out. There is good in the world and it will shine.

The light at the end of the tunnel might feel a little distant right now. So, how can we change that? How can we adapt our lifestyle so that what we don’t feel ‘bored’ and ‘overwhelmed’? Is it possible to adopt new changes in favor of our past behaviors…if only for the time being? Yes, of course. We just need to allow it and be open minded about it!

This isn’t a race and if you’re not enjoying the process of learning or trying a particular something, move on. No one is forcing you to try any of these! These are just options. Options that may make us better, smarter, fitter, and appreciative humans!

Here We Go:

1. Declutter – Marie Kondo style the shit out of your house! Why? Because who wants more things to have to disinfect + no one needs to feel more overwhelmed looking at crap than they already do.

2. Organize – Putting things in their place will allow you find things way easier and end up saving you even more time that will allow you to complete the 96 other suggestions I have for you below!

3. Clean the house – living in filth is not cool. You are a grown adult and this should kept up on the regular.

Obviously I listed declutter, organizing and cleaning first not because I love doing these myself (partly is so) but, because it’s a given and I assume that you’ve already completed them or in the process of it. Let’s move on.

3. Complete a puzzle – I love puzzles. I love racing against others to complete mine before theirs. I love placing a piece perfectly in it’s spot on the first try. I wish I could get my hands on a puzzle right now…I can feel my fingers tingle with excitement!

4. Wipe down the walls – worst task ever…it’s like watching paint dry…but it’s gotta be done!

5. Take a virtual tour of museums, aquariums, zoos, parks, etc

For even more tours of parks, check out the list produced by

6. Watch live streams

6. Dust off that old instrument and play – I still have my flute I played in junior high…but I have no desire to play it…I am thinking about the keyboard though.

7. Learn to speak a new language – I am Chinese born in Canada. I speak a teeny little bit of Cantonese but wish I was fluent.

8. Learn sign languageor download an app

9. Play all your old cd’s – I have stacks of early 90’s, 00’s cds kicking around but I do not have a cd player as I might have gotten rid of it during one of my purges…

10. Go down memory lane and look over photo albums – I don’t know if people still have these. I brought up a bunch of albums from my parents storage room and went through them before the isolation. So many memories.

11. Pick a cook book and do like Julia – I’ve been following the Half Baked Harvest and have tried two of her recipes so far…delicious and fairly simple!

12. Make a cookbook of your own of all your favorite recipes – complete with photos of your creations – this makes for a great Christmas gift too!

13. Perfect your Origami skills

14. Learn calligraphy – I remember having a project in grade 7 where we had to stain paper with tea bags and use a lit candle to char the edges to make it look old and then writing in it our best calligraphy …I enjoyed that project.

15. Learn to paint – want some serious art skills, check out Evolve Artist to master your skills!

16. Play every single board game you have – game of choice for us is Dominion, a deck building game. Don’t forget to keep score because competition is fun!

17. Make your own boardgame – grab those art supplies and put your thinking caps on!

18. Foster a pet

19. Have a thought provoking night Convo and Chill provides plenty of cards for you and whoever to dwell over!

20. Make a vision board – I’m talking making a board that you can physically touch and look at everyday and not on your phone. Use those old magazines that’s been piling up in the corner!

21. Try on ALL of your clothes – Have a mini fashion show and wear those clothes you’ve been saving for special occasions. Trying everything will also give you an idea of what you should probably donate.

22. Do a crossword (without cheating) – I love crosswords. Like, love love love crosswords…even if I don’t finish them. It’s just so satisfying and relaxing.

23. Make something grand with lego

24. Start or join a virtual book club

25. Read a book – you can borrow ebooks or digital magazines from your local library.

26. Video conference with your friends

27. Purchase and download The Jackbox Party pack or a virtual board game and play with friends! Get creative and play around of HeadsUp 7UP or Heads Up.

28. Learn to play chess or teach your kids how to play.

29. Workout at home – try a new fitness app and try sticking to it regularly.

30. Attempt a self portrait

31. Camp indoors – pitch a tent in your family room, eat hot dogs for dinner and make some smores!

32. Camp in your backyard

32. Learn to yoyo and ‘walk the dog’.

33. Learn to hacky sack – I got into this a bit in high school…I was horrible at it but I felt cool.

34. Tackle a home improvement job – Fix what’s broken in the house : loose knob, drawer that won’t close properly, patch walls etc.

35. Hang up new artwork

36. Call your parents and/or grandparents

37. Upload the photos on your camera onto a hard drive – Sort through them and delete those randoms and duplicates.

38. Make a photobook

39. Learn a new word daily

40. Start a blog – People online say it’s easy…it’s not that easy.

41. Create a puppet show for the family – Design the set and craft the puppets

42. Make an indoor scavenger hunt – Mitch did this for my on my birthday. He hid a bunch of chocolate bars around the house and clues….I was terrible at it. Not gonna lie, I got impatient and demanded clues but it was fun!

43. Make an obstacle course for your kids, partner, pet

44. Learn to dance or learn a new dance routine

45. Rearrange your furniture – I love doing this. I used to do this all a time as a kid…seriously. I would move my dresser and bed slowly but surely.

46. Reinvest in yourself – Learn something new and buff up your resume. Knowledge is power. Check out courses on udemy and skillshare – I recently signed for a course on Neuro Linguistic Programming but have yet to start…

47. Invest in some good exercise equipment -If you’re looking for something amazing, check out Duonamics PullUp Handles that do so much more!

48. Update your will

49. Organize all your loose papers, unopened mail, old taxes, receipts, etc

50. Start doing things with your non-dominant hand just for the sake of it

51. Repot/Resoil your plants – I’m a plant killer and I’m pretty sure it’s because I dont do this…

52. Have a Spa day at home – Deep condition your hair, have bubble bath, Put on a face mask, scrub a dub dub

53. Learn about all the great charities and things wonderful people out there are doing and donate!

54. Learn to meditate

55. Dress up and have a night at the opera:

Berliner Philharmoniker, Berlin

The Metropolitan Opera, New York

56. Have a picnic (indoor or backyard) – might as well fly a kite while you’re at it if you’re outdoors!

57. Family Sudoku challenge – everyone gets the same puzzle and whoever completes it first wins. My family does this at Christmas and my dad is the only one that doesn’t like to compete but he sure does like to look over our shoulders.

58. Start a food diary – See what you are really eating and learn about nutrition and your own personal diet.

59. Learn to properly fold bed sheets

60. Learn to sew – people are doing some great things withe mask making!

61. Whether you’re WFH or at home working, make your office space look amazing!

62. Once it starts getting a bit warmer, plant a garden or plan what to plant!

63. Listen to a new podcast

64. Mail out greeting cards to your loved ones

65. Update your address book

66. Host your own family Olympics

67. Learn all the flags of the world

68. Have a paper plane or egg drop competition

69. Learn to skateboard or rollerblade – Personally I am going to pass on this one because I feel like my bones will break when I fall…which I will.

70. Have a fancy dinner– Dress up, set up the table, light some candles and put on some light jazz!

71. Write out your goals and dreams

72. Learn to cut your partners hair – I’ve been cutting Mitch’s hair for the past couple of years…I’m not great at it and it’s a good thing he’s not too picky and it’s a great way to save money!

73. Learn some new magic tricks or learn to juggle – Two completely different things but whatever.

74. Learn to make natural cleaning solutions – I don’t know about you but it’s been difficult trying to find cleaning wipes and hand sanitizers.

75. Detox your cell phone – Go through all your apps and delete those you don’t use…maybe even delete social media for a week…or even month!

76. Go on a virtual roller coaster ride – Check out with their top 10 list.

77. Start a weekly newsletter and send to your friends – I love this idea and I plan on doing this shortly!

78. Presentation party – Choose a topic, research it, make a powerpoint of it then teach your friends – If I were to present something to my friends…it would be on …hmm.. wow, this is difficult…I really don’t know.

79. Practice your makeup skills on your partner – I don’t wear a lot of makeup probably because I don’t know how to apply it so putting it on Mitch would interesting.

80. Start training for a marathon

81. Make a scrapbook

82. KaraokeSing your heart out

83. Feeling anxious, depressed or upset? Find a remote therapist or try these apps UpLift or MindEase

84. Create a backyard drive-in theatre

85. Deep clean the car: Soap the mats, clean out the glovebox, vacuum the carpets, etc

86. Learn to change the tires and oil

87. Make your own marble race – These are amusing to watch online but you can create your own in the house using empty paper towel or warpping paper rolls and some ingenuity.

88. Learn to budget money wisely – The markets are wonky and I like mentioned earlier, life if uncertain so best to be prepared.

89. Clean your jewelry

90. Clear out your email and unsubscribe to everything that’s clogging up that inbox

91. Make a time capsule – I’m guessing everyone will put a roll of toilet paper in capsule.

92. Prepare a first aid kit – learn how to make a splint or tape up an ankle

93. Polish your shoes

94. Learn a new way to re-lace your shoes

95. Go on a virtual ghost tour:

96. Make window art for all the walker-byers to admire

97. Create your own photo booth and dress up

98. Visit a digital escape room

98. Bike Maintenance – Gear up for spring/summer rides – clean the chain + cassette, adjust + inspect breaks, tube replacement, etc.

99. Have a serious nerf gun fight – Set up forts and refill stations.

100. Get your boating licence – Okay, so we’re stuck inside BUT let’s stay positive and hope that we can enjoy the outdoors soon!

101. Hoola Hoop – learn all the tricks so you can be the star of the show at the next festival you attend!

102. Braid Hair – learn all the styles!

103. Play cards, learn to shuffle like a master, and make a card pyramid after you’re done winning!

104. Create an isolation completion jar – I start one for each new year usually but can make one specifically for this occasion until it finally ends!. You write on paper the things you’ve accomplished or completed and stuff your jar and at the end of the year, you review your year!

There You Have It

I couldn’t quite think of 100 things that were worthy of this list but if you have any suggestions, pass them along!

Being stuck indoors can be tough on our mental health, our bodies (I am definitely gaining weight since my pantry is stocked up more than ever before) and our relationships. It doesn’t have to be this way though.

Let’s be thankful that we are helping humanity by staying indoors and appreciate the extra time we are saving from not having to commute to work or running useless errands.

Let’s take the time to enjoy the things we have put on the back burner and work on being our ‘best self’!

Let’s concentrate on the good things that can come from being ‘stuck at home’ and all of the opportunities at our fingertips that are just waiting for us!

Stay safe everyone! 🙂

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