We’ve Landed in Mexico, Now What

FYI – this isn’t much of a review of Sayulita but more of a recount of my first week in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta

We arrived on a non-stop flight to Puerto Vallarta on New Year’s Eve. We spent one day in PV to explore what the city had to offer. From our Airbnb we walked about an hour and half to get to Zona Centro, Zona Romantico and along the Malecon. Honestly, I’m beginning to find that most ‘tourist’ cities are looking the same. I think I’m just not really into the crowds.

The streets started to really buzz around 8pm. We strolled around and ate some Mexican street food along the way. We tried the bag of Doritos which they smothered with warm corn, cheese, mayo and hot sauce. I thought I would love it but didn’t care too much for it. Mitch, on the other hand, he devoured it!

Tostitos filled with warm corn, cheese, mayo, and hot sauce

As lively as the streets were and as loud as the music was playing, we took a cab home at around 10 pm and missed the fire works. Yup, we are old like that! Whatever, we had an early flight and we already hit 20,000 steps that day.


We woke up bright and early the next morning and caught a bus to Sayulita. Taking a bus seems pretty daunting there because you really have to look for the proper signage that’s written on the front window, but it wasn’t bad at all. Some of the busses are a little run down (doors don’t always fully close, wheels sound like they’re about to fall off, etc). All in all, not bad though for the cost. It’s around 46 pesos to get to Sayulita which is about 1.5 hours away.

It was pretty much a torrential downpour on our arrival. As much as I love my Osprey Farpoint 40L bag that I often mention in my posts, it did not include a rain cover. If there was ever a time to use one, this would have been it. Thank gawd Mitch had a random rain poncho hidden away that I used to cover my bag.

We found a little sandwich shop not too far from the bus depot where I ordered a Cuban Torta and Mitch got the Chilaquiles Verde. We also got a side of guacamole because who doesn’t love guac?

We ordered too much.

It doesn’t look like its raining, but it’s pouring. This food is from El Metro. Really delicious and large portions.

Meals can pretty much feed 2 people. If you get tacos at an outdoor cart, well, I can eat tacos with no end apparently. I never used to love tacos before but O.M.G. I crave them when I wake up and before going to bed!

What’s funny is that right as we got into town, even through the rain, Mitch knew that he loved it here and wanted to come back next year for a longer period of time. It’s been a week now and I am still unsure.

After lunch we walked through some deep puddles and quite a bit of mud. Our Airbnb was around a 15 minute walk through the ‘older’ part of town where the housing and streets were not where some people would be comfortable walking around. The streets were pretty empty and we stayed in pretty much all day as it continued to rain well through the night. We found out soon enough that our housing was right next door to a chicken/rooster farm. We definitely heard a symphony of Cuckle-doos through the day and well into the night.

You may not be able to tell but there are like 40 cages of chickens/roosters.

Fast Forward a Few Days

A couple of Mitch’s friends are in town visiting and really loving it here. We’ve been eating tacos all day long, drinking beers at the beach, and just roaming the streets. The weather has been fantastic. The streets are lively and bright. Aren’t you just itching to know more about Sayulita? I am. I’m still trying to get my bearings straight and am really trying to just lay back and enjoy all of what Sayulita has to offer. Hope you tune in to next weeks post as I’ll have way more information about the town to offer!

PS. The thing about travel is that internet can be a bit shotty. This is the case for where we are staying. The internet was great the first couple of days and now…my computer won’t even connect but my phone will.

Our friends staying at another Airbnb has way better connection which is where I am now. Hopefully it’ll be better later.

I’ve used Airbnb quite a bit now and I’m gonna have to write a post soon on the best tips for using it…

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